Luc Gijbels



Ontstaan uit de as van de legendarische "Pebbles", besluit bassist Luc G., een stevige blues-rockband neer te poten.
Na enkele muzikale afspraken behoren ex- "Pebbles" en "The incredible time machine" drummer John V. met Paul E. "The Rectifiers" en Stan P. "The Dominators" tot een vaste waarde. Samen bouwen zij een reputatie op als een der beste Belgische live-acts.

Hun repertoire is gekozen uit de grote R&B catalogus met o.a.:
The Rolling Stones - Jimi Hendrix - The Who - J.J. Cale - Bob Dylan - ZZ Top - CCR - Chuck Berry - Stevie Wonder - S.R.V. - Fleetwood Mac -The Free - Bad Company - Grand Funk Railroad - CSNY ....... to name a few.
Deze band past perfect in een thema-avond zoals: Woodstock Night of Flower Power Night !

SO: If you got a good insurance, and a lots of beer to sell !!! CALL US !!!

Luc G. Bass - Vocals
John V. Drums
Paul E. Guitar - Harp - Vocals
Stan P. Guitar - Slide - Vocals

Bassplayer Luc (who formerly played with the Pebbles) decides to play 
some "Bad to the bone" rock and blues !
Drummer John V. (also played with the Pebbles,and the Incredible 
Time Machine) and (Slide) guitarist Stan P. (The Dominators)
and guitarist, harpplayer Paul E. (The Rectifiers), all join  the band to get it going.
After many years they build up quite a reputation!

They have a large repertoire that exists of the great classics as 
there are: The Stones - Jimi Hendrix - JJ Cale - ZZ-Top - Stevie Wonder - Deep Purple etc.
This band suits in perfectly for parties with a woodstock, flower  power topic!

Comment of "Spirit 66" in Verviers:
One of the best << cover-bands >> in Belgium, feat. ex-members of the legendary "The Pebbles",
present a full evening with all the "Classic Rock Hits" from the Woodstock period (Hendrix, Free, Canned Heat, Stones, etc..)